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Different Types of Video Content to Grow Your Business or Organization

The internet provides you with a comprehensive online platform that opens up simple and super effective ways to put your brand and products on the map. Among the effective ways to attract the attention of your audience is video content. In 2018, 85% of internet users in the US watched videos online. Additionally, 54% of consumers claim that they want to see more video content from businesses they support. These statistics show that great video production can quickly attract traffic and quality leads to your brand.

The good news is that there is a range of video content types to choose from, depending on your budget and audience preference. Read on to understand the different types of video content to grow your organization and its effectiveness.

Product Videos

Product videos are the best option after launching a new product that you cannot easily explain succinctly. Such videos explain the features and benefits of the product while offering examples of how the product works.

Product videos are beneficial for prospects in the consideration stage of whether the product is right for them and need a comprehensive explanation of how it can solve their problem. Besides increasing the conversion rate, quality product video can boost your rank in search engines, increase engagement and reduce consumer doubt, thus building more trust.

Explainer Videos 

Most consumers watch explainer videos to understand a product before making purchase decisions. Explainer videos give potential customers an overview of your brand. In return, they can make more informed decisions on whether your products or services are right for them.

You may also create an explainer video to teach your target audience how to solve their problems. It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to be your product. You may also select a tangential problem related to your niche and offer valuable tactics and skills to help the viewers overcome the challenges.

Unlike product videos that can easily be replaced by more updated content, explainer videos offer long-lasting value. You can repurpose an explainer video and use it to create brand awareness. The best part is that the videos are easy to share, and you can post them anywhere, including your social media platforms.

Testimonial Videos

Satisfied customers are one of the most effective marketing resources. You can count on them to speak highly of your brand and recommend you to others. Capturing their testimonies in a video creates an excellent and effortless-to-use marketing tool. Testimonial videos are effective, both in creating brand awareness and increasing conversion rates. Furthermore, testimonial videos help to increase business trust and credibility. Consumers are more likely to believe what their peers say about you, and videos allow them to hear it directly from the mouth of your existing customers.

Even better, testimonial videos improve the emotional connection between the viewers and the testimonial giver, thus better results. You can also use testimonial videos as an email marketing tool to increase the open rate and subscribers.

Animation Video Content

animated video content
A female vlogger or influencer recording a new video.

Animations have become a buzz in the marketing world, and it’s all for the right reasons. In addition to being entertaining, videos are a great way to highlight key points about your product or brand. Mostly, animations are short, making them a perfect option to keep your audience engaged and interested.

Animations can easily set you apart from competitors, which is a plus in today’s competitive digital world. With proper production, animations can, indeed, easily persuade prospects to make purchase decisions. Statistics show that animated videos can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. Animations are easy to follow and understand, which is beneficial to consumers.

Live-Action Videos

Live-action videos have been gaining impressive traction over the years. The reason is, they offer easy-to-understand and digest information, backed up by impactful visuals that result in high conversion rates. One aspect that differentiates live-action videos from other types is that they feature real-life footage. The featured characters could be animals, people, or other interesting objects related to your niche.

You may use live-action videos to showcase the leadership of your company and demonstrate your products. The videos come in different concepts, such as interview case studies, scripted narratives, product tutorials, and demos. Thanks to their real-life setting, live-action videos can easily capture the emotions of your audience. This is equivalent to a higher conversion rate and returns on investment. 

Customer Onboarding Video Content

If you are yet to integrate videos in the customer onboarding process, you are missing out on many opportunities. Videos help you build stronger relationships with customers. You may have a killer marketing strategy and top-tip product. But if your customers cannot comfortably interact with your brand, your effort will be a waste. Therefore, it will help to invest in offering a smooth onboarding process, and there is no better way to do so than through a video. Video onboarding is most effective when introducing customers to a new product. It aims to eliminate any confusion on product usage.

Customer onboarding video improves customer experience. Consequently, you enjoy a high retention rate and referrals. 

Video Storytelling

Sharing your story through video is the most effective outreach method, especially for NGOs and non-profit organizations. Storytelling influences behavioral changes among stakeholders, donors, and volunteers.

Tell the story behind the startup and mission of your organization. The videos should trigger emotions to be able to connect with viewers and create an unforgettable impact.

Video Voicemails

You should try video voicemails if you are after an easy and efficient way to connect with customers. Indeed, the videos are low-cost yet high rewarding.

Video voicemails are more like an illustrated version of phone voicemails. The idea helps you to introduce your brand to prospects memorably and delightfully. Thus, you can quickly create friendly thumbnails and integrate them into your email marketing to catch the recipients’ attention.

Use Video Content to Grow Your Business or Organization

 Most business owners put a lot of time, effort, and love into creating the perfect product. But even the best quality product can fail if it is not marketed well. Video content has proven its effectiveness in attracting consumers’ attention and swaying them to make purchase decisions.

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