video marketing with a professional video production company

Why Hiring a Professional Video Production Company Is Best

The year 2022 is going to be a year of primarily video marketing for large and small corporations. It is simply what the consumer demands. In one survey, over half of people polled said they’d prefer to see more videos in the future than any other form of content. And businesses have taken note. Almost all of them (86%) use video content in their marketing strategy. The question then becomes one of quality and effectiveness, but some corporations forget that you won’t get desired marketing goals with a budget approach. These businesses need a professional video production company. 

5 Professional Video Production Company Trends 

The first thing a corporation will get when they hire a professional video production company is easy to access to all of the latest video content trends. While the penny-pinching but well-intended marketing manager may find this information through an internet search, capturing and formatting these videos takes resources. Here are a few trends that can wow your company’s audience and increase brand recognition. 

Animated Explainers

Consumers like graphics, and when they are animated, the graphics are easily digestible. If you want to explain a complex idea about your product or service to your client, an animated explainer is a perfect answer. Beware of canned formats from apps offering animation to the layman. These videos all look the same, and the consumer recognizes quality in a unique image. 

360-Degree Tours

During the pandemic, many businesses struggled to deliver real experiences to their audience. This is why 360-degree tour videos have been extremely helpful. You may have seen these videos in the real estate market for virtual home tours. However, they are also available for nearly all other businesses. Often achieved through the use of a drone, the videos created with a 360-degree view are akin to virtual reality, and they attract an audience. 

Sequential Storytelling

In marketing, sequential storytelling connects video content into a greater entity. This may be a number of videos that tell a sequential story, or it may be different stories that have a connecting theme. In fact, there are many ways to create a sequential story. The benefit is that the audience remembers the content because they make a deeper connection. 

Shoppable Videos

One great opportunity in marketing videos is the ability to make them interactive. In shoppable videos, the audience is able to click on certain features in the video in order to move further down the sales funnel. This provides value for the consumer both in the content and in the ease of purchase. 

Short Form

Last (but NOT LEAST!!) are short-form videos, which have been something of an internet phenomenon, taking the marketing world by storm. As the name suggests, these are short videos. Most of them are less than a minute, but some are as long as two. They can be about anything, and many people use Tik Tok videos as an example. Short-form videos may quickly introduce a CEO or show off a new product. They don’t require too much attention from your viewer due to the length, and they can introduce some personality to your brand. 

There is a multitude of video content trends in the marketing world, and it is important that your company selects a mix that is right for your audience, your brand, and your business goals. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Video Production Company

A professional video production company working on editing a video.
Video editors discuss footage they’re working on.

In order to maximize the efficacy of your video content, a company should hire a professional video production company. Trying to create videos in-house is not the right decision for most companies. Still, it helps to know WHY professional video production companies are worth the money. 

A Professional Video Production Company Is Familiar With Trends

Unless you are immersed in marketing statistics and industry trends, your at-home research of content marketing trends risks incorrect interpretation. Experts in the field know the trends inside and out. They know has-beens vs. hot trends and trends that have become timeless success stories. This expertise is invaluable when creating a video marketing portfolio. 

Experience and Technique

Being familiar with trends is a way professionals incorporate experience, but they also do this in technique. This means having the right equipment, knowing how to get effective shots, and being able to capture videos that speak to your audience. Professional video production companies have experimented and perfected multiple ideography styles. 


When you invest in video production, it should come with a due date. A professional video production company does quality work on a deadline, as their reputation depends on it. You won’t get this type of commitment from a novice, in-house employee dabbling in video editing. 


Let’s not forget that professional video production is a job for marketers, or at least those who are well-versed in advertising strategies. Hiring a non-professional means that your advertising goals may be replaced by the videographer’s preference or pure oversight. 

Polished Finish

Lastly, consumers want professionalism. They are able to tell when things have been shoddily put together, and things that aren’t pristine will be presented as amateurish. Professionals deliver a finished product, not only because they can, but also because their reputation depends on it. If you want your video to be produced correctly and on time, a professional is the only way to go. 

Quality Video Content From a Professional Video Production Company Delivers a Positive ROI

Ultimately, when you begin a video content marketing strategy, you have to think about the return on your investment (ROI). If you take a budget approach and cut corners, the content is not going to have the same results as professional video content. The content may stray from the intended message, not represent your brand, and in worse scenarios, look unprofessional. Your video content is a reflection of your business, so you don’t want to go cheap. 

With that said, professional video content production will pay for itself. In the long run, it is cheaper than wasting money on amateur marketing. The company that hires a professional will see greater sales, and the quality of the videos will send out a greater message about the company’s quality standards. Video content production quality should reflect the quality of the business, which is why you have to go pro.